About Dynamon

Dynamon are fuel saving analytics specialists with the sole aim of improving the efficiency of commercial road transport.  Dynamon helps transport companies reduce costs through informed investment in efficiency solutions. This is done using unique algorithms that process existing fleet telematics data to identify the best methods of reducing fuel cost and emissions. This means fleet managers can focus on providing a fast and reliable service, whilst Dynamon’s bespoke recommendations guarantee they are providing a low cost and environmentally friendly service. Dynamon can identify efficiencies in the following categories:

  • Driver Performance and Vehicle Limiting

  • Aerodynamics

  • Tyre Performance

  • Vehicle Weight

  • Engine Efficiency including Hybrid and Electric

  • Fuels and Lubricants

Dynamon - Efficient Logistics

The Dynamon Solution

Transport companies do not know how to optimise their fleet for efficiency. For an average UK fleet 40% of total costs go into fuel consuption. Typical business margins in the logistics industry are about 2%. Therefore reliable efficiency improvements can make a big difference to fuel costs and emissions.

Dynamon has developed software that helps fleets become more efficient.

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