The Dynamon Solution

How analytics can help

Optimising a fleet to maximise efficiency is a complex challenge. Because of this, many transport companies use standard vehicle designs that are not optimised for efficiency. However, reliable efficiency improvements can make a big difference to the fuel costs and emissions of a fleet.

Unlike consumer cars, commercial vehicles can be modified to meet the needs of the fleet. Vehicle operators can invest in efficiency improvements to reduce fuel costs and emissions. At Dynamon we have a deep understanding of how efficiency solutions work and use data analytics to identify which solutions an individual fleet can invest in to reduce costs and emissions. We typically identify efficiencies in following categories:

  • Tyre Performance

  • Vehicle Weight

  • Aerodynamics

  • Driver Performance and Vehicle Limiting

  • Vehicle Size

  • Hybrid & Electric

  • Engine Efficiency

  • Fuels and Lubricants

Vehicle efficiency can be achieved by either reducing the load on the engine or improving the performance of the engine (how fuel is converted into mechanical power). Engine load comes from the forces acting on the vehicle during motion. These forces are:

  • Aerodynamic Resistance
  • Acceleration Resistance
  • Rolling Resistance
  • Gradient Resistance

For each vehicle the combination of the above forces are different. Therefore, to identify where efficiency can be achieved these individual forces must be understood for each vehicle.

Suppliers of efficiency solutions do not know what these individual forces are for any fleet. Therefore, they cannot identify whether their solution will work or what the likely fuel saving and ROI will be. Due to uncertain ROI information, transport companies cannot invest properly in efficiency solutions. This results in higher fuel costs and emissions.

Dynamon has developed an analytical software service, that uses telematics data to identify where efficiencies can be made.

Dynamon can also predict the likely fuel saving and ROI for a range of efficiency solutions, enabling fleets to choose the most effective solutions for their vehicles.

This means fleet managers can focus on providing a fast and reliable service, whilst Dynamon’s bespoke recommendations guarantee they are providing a low cost and environmentally friendly service.