Are the latest fuel-efficient tyres worth the higher price?

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It’s October, and down on the south coast we’re still enjoying the tail end of what promises to be the last period of sunny weather before we plunge deep into the arctic freeze. If you cast your mind back to the heatwave in July of this year, Dynamon carried out 4 days of track testing at the Millbrook Proving Ground with ASDA.

The purpose of the testing was to not only demonstrate the impact that tyre choice has on fuel consumption but also to validate the predictions that our analytics software had been making. I think it’s safe to say that we nailed both of those objectives as we measured a massive 17% fuel saving by changing from ASDA’s current low-PPK-cost tyre policy to a tyre policy optimised for fuel performance.

ASDA are now working with Dynamon to identify an optimum tyre policy, that balances both fuel performance and PPK price, to achieve significant overall cost savings.

Download our case study today to find out what this could mean to your fleet operation and ultimately your bottom line.

Interested in the real detail? Download our full technical white paper.

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