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ASDA is one of the largest grocers in the UK, operating over 850 heavy goods vehicles with a significant fuel bill. Working with Dynamon to analyse tyres, ASDA recently tested a change in tyre choice that has the potential to provide a multi-million pound fuel saving in 2019.

Dynamon carried out controlled scientific trials on ASDA trucks to verify the impact tyre choice has on fuel performance. The trials were performed at Millbrook Proving Ground and measured a 17% improvement in MPG changing from ASDAʼs existing low cost PPK tyres to tyres optimised for fuel performance.

ASDAʼs fleet was then analysed within Dynamonʼs Tyre Analytics to calculate the impact this improved tyre choice would have on its real-world fuel bill. Tyre Analytics is a dedicated big data analytics service that can accurately predict fleet specific fuel consumption for different tyre choices. Tyre Analytics utilises existing fleet telematics data, high-resolution terrain data, weather data, exact vehicle-by-vehicle configurations, and a database of independently verified tyre rolling resistance data. To achieve accurate fuel consumption predictions, it performs over 400 million calculations per vehicle on this data and utilises state-of-the-art cloud computing infrastructure.

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