About Us

From Team GB Success to Helping Logistics Companies Reduce Costs

Dynamon uses data analytics to help logistics companies make procurement decisions to minimise the cost of running a fleet. The concept for Dynamon was born in the University of Southampton Engineering Department. During this time Dr Angus Webb was developing data analytics to help Team GB evaluate methods of improving performance.

Since then Dynamon has grown to become a successful data analytics business helping the UK’s largest logistics companies reduce cost. Throughout this journey Dynamon has been supported by the Royal Academy of Engineering and Innovate UK to help our logistics industry become more cost effective and environmentally friendly.


The Dynamon Team

Dr Angus Webb, CEO


David Watchus, Chairman


Issy Nancarrow, Head of Sales and Marketing


Richard Farren, Head of Software


Dr Chris Durrant, Head of Analytics


Andrew Smith, Non-Executive Director