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Carl Hanson


“Using Dynamon’s Tyre Analytics highlighted the significant reduction in fuel consumption possible by changing the tyres on our fleet. Tyre Analytics provided us with clear and useful information that we anticipate will enable us to run a more efficient fleet. As a result of this procurement analytics project, we have changed over to a different tyre manufacturer. 

Tyre Analytics was implemented on a the Wincanton container and general haulage trucks, using previous operational data, to identify the costs associated with different tyre choices. The analytics calculated fuel consumption specific to our fleet, their unique journeys and their specific vehicle configurations. The results enabled us to see the potential reduction in emissions possible for the larger fleet. The results of the procurement analytics project with Tyre Analytics triggered our change in tyre provider for the trucks operating for one of our major clients.”

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Sean Clifton


“Working with Dynamon’s Tyre Analytics produced findings that we felt at the time were very interesting… We had not expected our tyre choice to have such a significant impact on fuel costs.

Within the process of establishing how to reduce fuel consumption, we considered a wide range of contributing factors. It became apparent that tyres could be a significant area of saving for us. The controlled trials that we carried out with Dynamon, on ASDA trucks, calculated the degree of saving possible by changing our tyre policy.

Moving forwards, after working with Dynamon, we are reviewing our tyre policy based on their scientific findings and look forward to proving a different tyre choice can create significant benefit.”

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Tom Dynes


“I would highly recommend working with Dynamon. Their energy modelling of fleet performance provides clear information that has enabled Solent Stevedores to significantly reduce our operational costs.

Dynamon work with Solent Stevedores on bespoke projects to improve the efficiency of our transportation across our terminals in Southampton and London. Their expertise and attention to detail has enabled us to significantly reduce the running costs of our vehicles. The savings have had a notable impact on our wider operational costs. As a result of this we continue to work with Dynamon to monitor the efficiency of our vehicle operations to enable continuous improvement and cost savings.

The engineers at Dynamon created a performance analysis dashboard which is installed in our Rail Terminal. The dashboard feeds autonomously from our existing vehicle telematics and enables us to see vehicle and driver performance and efficiency in real-time. With this system we have been able to trial fuel saving strategies and engage the drivers themselves in improving fuel efficiency to reduce operational costs.”