Conduct trials to measure the true performance of vehicle hardware within a specific fleet operation

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The value Precision trial analytics brings to the transport industry is massive.

  • Successful and accurate vehicle hardware trials

    Perform successful and accurate vehicle hardware trials to identify the optimum vehicle hardware for fleet operations.

  • Measure vehicle hardware performance

    Dynamon’s Precision Trial Analytics measures the true performance of vehicle hardware within specific fleet operation.

  • Identify optimum vehicle hardware

    Identify the optimum vehicle hardware for a specific fleet operation that achieves minimum TCO and environmental impact.

  • Reduce TCO and CO2 emissions

    Minimise TCO and environmental impact with the identified optimum vehicle hardware.

The perfect trial

How trials are conducted using Precision Trial Analytics.

HGV lorry travelling through winding roads through dense forest, aerial shot

I would highly recommend working with Dynamon. Their energy modelling of fleet performance provides clear information that has enabled Solent Stevedores to significantly reduce our operational costs.

Tom Dynes, Operations Director


  • How do you get the data from my fleet?

    Dynamon’s Precision Trial Analytics connects directly to your existing telematics provider. Telematics data is cleansed and standardised to a common format enabling data from multiple providers to be analysed simultaneously. This predictive analytics in fleet management solution enhances telematics data with local terrain and weather data for a more accurate analysis of fuel consumption and tyre performance.

  • How do you take into account the variables that happen unexpectedly during the trial?

    Because Precision Trial Analytics is connected to and analyses your vehicle telematics data, we are able to take into account the variables that your vehicles will face during their trial. Unexpected diverted journeys, differences in road incline and driver performance are just some examples of the considerations that Precision Trial Analytics can process as part of your accurate trial.

  • How does Precision Trial Analytics get accurate results?

    Dynamon’s Precision Trial Analytics uses historic telematics data to accurately design the trial. Telematics data is then monitored live throughout the trial to ensure that the fuel saving being measured is due to the hardware being trialled and not the operational variability.

The path to empowering fleet

  1. Define Your Sustainability and Efficiency Goals

    It begins by understanding and defining your sustainability and efficiency objectives.

  2. Analyse Your Fleet Operations

    Our suite of tools uses routing and telematics data to run analysis on your fleet operation. Through this analysis, you have a clear understanding of the complexities of your operational settings.

  3. Explore Fleet-Specific Solutions

    Optimise your fleet with the right tool. Expert guidance, tailored solutions and data-driven recommendations to enhance sustainability and efficiency…Book a demo today.

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