• Pt 1

    ZERO: Setup

    This video guides you through the essential steps to configure locations, vehicles and telematics.

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  • Pt 2

    ZERO: EV Transition Assessment

    Watch video to see how ZERO assesses fleet readiness for electric vehicles across multiple locations.

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  • Pt 3

    ZERO: EV Transition Plan Feasibility

    Pairing vehicle battery sizes with charging opportunities to optimise completion rates and address route challenges

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  • Pt 4

    ZERO: Duty Cycle Analysis

    ZERO tracks vehicle state of charge, journey progress, and potential charging needs for seamless operations and journey completion.

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  • Pt 5

    ZERO: Opportunity Public Charging

    Watch how ZERO explores public charging opportunities along routes

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  • Pt 6

    ZERO: Infrastructure Design Tool

    Watch a detailed overview of ZERO’s Infrastructure Design Tool, exploring depot energy requirements and charger options

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  • Pt 7

    ZERO: Financial Planner

    Watch a detailed comparison between ICE and EV fleets, considering costs, rollout strategy, and CapEx requirements for transition

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