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Identify the optimum powertrains for your fleet operation

Solent Stevedores
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Identify Cost Saving Solutions​

Powertrain Analytics is a data analytics tool that helps logistics companies identify the optimum powertrains for their fleet operation.

When purchasing vehicles, there are many different engine sizes and gearbox options; each of which have different costs and perform differently across a range of operational situations. Powertrain Analytics helps logistics companies identify the optimum powertrains for their specific fleet operation that best balances both purchase price and operational performance to minimise total-cost-of-ownership and environmental impact.


Demonstrating Hardware Performance Specific To Your Unique Fleet

Dynamon’s Powertain Analytics is equipped with a predictive engine making accurate real-world fuel consumption predictions. This engine performs over 400 million fuel saving calculations per vehicle to analyse alternative hardware choices.

The accuracy of the Dynamon’s Analytics has been validated with real-world testing.

Dynamon’s Analytics can precisely monitor the fuel consumption of vehicles to assess the performance of implemented hardware. 

Annual Savings Example

Precise Results

Dynamon’s Powertrain Analytics has been designed to provide a highly-accurate understanding of cost saving opportunities.

Results from Powertrain Analytics will demonstrate the total-cost-of-ownership and fuel consumption for comparative powertrains on your unique fleet operations.


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