The telematics industry is growing extremely fast. With current annual growth rates of over 30%, the technology and business models for telematics are still evolving.

The Telematics Conference is a biannual event, hosted in Europe and the Middle East, which focuses on developments in telematics for commercial fleets. Dynamon was invited to present at the recent conference in Dubai.

It was a great opportunity for Dynamon to showcase its value-added software tools to market leaders. The response was exactly what we wanted: Extremely positive! Dynamon is now a talking point in some major telematics board rooms, with 4 companies requesting trials of our prototype software.

The conference did however raise an important criticism of the fleet telematics industry: Fleet customers are not using the telematics as much as telematics providers would expect, and they do not understand the value telematics could bring to their businesses. My conclusion from this is: The user experience of fleet telematics is not good enough and there is not enough insight being drawn out of the raw data collected from vehicles. The fleet operators do not have the time or know-how to extract meaning from this data.

This is good news for Dynamon. Our software focuses on adding specific value to telematics data by identifying how fleet operators can improve business margins by saving fuel. We also make sure our software is easy to use.  Ernst and Young recently wrote: “To realize the full potential of telematics in the automotive sector, all stakeholders need to focus on the creation of value-added services —and the delivery of those services to end-customers.” This may explain why Dynamon was well received.

We must now focus on delivering these trials successfully and continue to develop the capabilities of our software.

Angus Webb

Founder of Dynamon

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