Our team have been working hard over recent months to monitor fuel consumption on container haulage fleets. We are measuring hundreds of factors that have an impact on fuel performance. Dynamon is an analytics company developing tools to help fleets improve purchasing decisions to minimise the whole life cost of operating their vehicles. One of Dynamon’s products, Tyre Analytics, identifies cost saving opportunities from improved tyre choice.

The image shown, illustrates just one of the 50+ performance parameters required to fully understand vehicle fuel consumption and the cost impact of tyre choice. The aerodynamics modelling of this container haulage truck allows us to calculate how much fuel is being spent on aerodynamic drag.

Understanding fuel consuming factors such as aerodynamic drag, provides the information we need to see the complete picture of a vehicle or fleet’s fuel performance. This is how we identify levels of unnecessary fuel expenditure for our clients and how much of this expenditure is linked to the types of tyres being used on their vehicles.

For queries about monitoring rolling resistance and aerodynamic drag, please contact info@dynamon.co.uk

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