We’re tremendously excited to announce we have signed up to become an associate member of the British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association (BVRLA).

 We’re tremendously excited to announce we have signed up to become an associate member of the British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association (BVRLA).

As a provider of software to leasing, rental and consultancy businesses in the fleet sector looking to advise customers on how to make their fleets more sustainable, we recognise the great work the BVRLA is doing to electrify the sector.

Its work with the Government, lobbying and illustrating just how important it is that businesses can move to electric vehicles effectively and efficiently, has been hugely effective and influential.

The recent Fleet Friendly Charging Index is one of a number of campaigns undertaken by the BVRLA on behalf of its members that really chimes with what we’re doing at Dynamon. The Index gives a high-level overview of how much progress local authorities across the UK have made on their local charging infrastructure plans, and establishing how much consideration is being given to fleet needs. Alongside it, the BVRLA’s Fleet Charging guide helps local authorities as they try to meet the diverse charging needs of electric fleets. 

Dynamon’s software can model and map those needs for fleets, not only helping businesses get a complete picture of how much power they need but also, by extension, ensuring local authorities and distribution network operators are using their resources in the best ways. There’s no point, for example, fleets undertaking expensive multi-year power infrastructure projects with local authorities and DNOs when modelling such as that provided by Dynamon can show it’s not needed.

Understanding the specific needs of every single customer fleet can seem a daunting prospect for a leasing company or consultant with so many complex factors in play each time: vehicles, usage, local power infrastructure, on-road network needs, costs and so on. 

Getting it wrong can mean a customer has a fleet mix that doesn’t match its needs. Getting it right through the use of software such as Dynamon’s means saving customers money and improving their operational effectiveness. In turn, that means better customer relationships and retention.

At Dynamon, our modelling and analytics software can fill in the blanks with data, or back up assertions with solid information, ensuring that leasing, rental and consultancy businesses can assist customers to move to electric with certainty. Where the BVRLA has been doing a brilliant job arguing the case for EVs, we can then help its members by proving the case for EVs.

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