eMotion Fleet and Dynamon sign sales partnership agreement to offer advanced commercial fleet optimization software to electrify fleets in Japan

eMotion Fleet Inc. (eMotion Fleet) and UK-based Dynamon Ltd. (Dynamon) have entered into a sales partnership agreement to introduce Dynamon’s advanced fleet optimization software ‘ZERO’ in Japan to accelerate Japanese fleet customers electrify their fleet.

eMotion Fleet was founded in 2023 by two founders with experience supporting large-scale electrification of commercial vehicles for one of Japan’s largest logistics companies, responsible for the last mile logistics in Japan. Based on its extensive hands-on experience, eMotion Fleet offers one-stop service to commercial customers in Japan and Asia for cost effective planning, deployment and operations of electric vehicle fleets.

Dynamon is a UK-based software company that specializes in developing advanced data analytics and simulation tools for commercial transport and logistics companies. With an expanding selection of EVs and more options for charging infrastructure, researching and trialling every possible solution is both time intensive and costly. Dynamon’s flagship software ZERO is designed to simplify the incredibly complex, large-scale electrification decisions, replacing it with advanced, data-driven simulation, analysis and modelling to ensure transport operations are as sustainable, efficient and cost-effective as possible before major investment decisions are made.

eMotion Fleet will utilise Dynamon’s ZERO to accelerate and standardize fleet electrification simulation process, such as identifying optimal EV and battery sizes depending on customer’s operational patterns, defining the rightsized charging and energy requirements, and comparing total cost of ownership between electric and diesel fleets. Main target customers will be fleet operators, charging infrastructure providers, fleet leasing companies and consulting companies.

Angus Webb, CEO of Dynamon, said: “It is our mission to bring advanced data analytics software tools, powered by simulation, to the transportation industry. This is increasingly important as the shift to electric vehicles requires robust data analysis by fleets and suppliers to ensure cost effective solutions. Dynamon’s flagship tool, ZERO, simplifies the complex process of transitioning to electric vehicles, making it accessible and profitable for fleets of all sizes. We’re excited to announce our partnership with eMotion Fleet in Japan, which not only expands our global footprint but also advances our shared mission of promoting sustainable solutions in the commercial transport industry.”

Shuji Shiraki, CEO of eMotion Fleet, said: “Fleet electrification can be a highly complex equation among vehicles, batteries, charging, energy and driving patterns. Therefore, eMotion Fleet has been developing a standard methodology for fleet electrification based on founders’ hands-on experience of electrifying more than 23,000 units in Europe and Japan. Dynamon’s ZERO will be powerful tool to standardize, digitize and accelerate the electrification process, thereby providing speed and quality in customer’s decision-making.”

About eMotion Fleet Inc.

eMotion Fleet is a brand agnostic fleet electrification solution provider focused in Japan and Asia. Based on its extensive hands-on experience, eMotion Fleet acts as a professional expert group to offer one-stop service to support customers electrify their fleet and maximize fleet uptime, operation cost savings and carbon neutrality.

  • Headquarters: Mizuma Bldg. 6F, 3-3-13 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo
  • Representative Directors: Shuji Shiraki, Dennis Ilic
  • URL: https://www.emotion-fleet.com

About Dynamon Ltd.

Dynamon originated from Southampton University, following its work with Team GB to maximise its performance at the Olympic Games in 2012. The company aim to help the logistics industry be more efficient by saving fuel and reducing CO2emissions.

Dynamon is a market leading fleet optimisation software solutions provider in the commercial transport industry. Dynamon’s software tools enable fleet managers and other key players in the transport industry to run their operations cost effectively by providing access to insights around new vehicle technology, including EVs. It is on a mission to make the transition to EVs simple, cost effective and profitable.

  • Headquarters: Gamma House Enterprise Road, Southampton Science Park, Southampton, United Kingdom, SO16 7NS
  • Representative Directors: Angus Webb
  • URL: https://dynamon.co.uk/

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