Explore client experiences with ZERO, empowering seamless electric fleet transitions for commercial transport with optimised planning

Once eFREIGHT 2030 starts deploying charging locations, it will be incredibly easy to analyze, plan, and deploy our hopefully ever-growing BEV fleet with ZERO!

Chris Welch, Managing Director

ZERO provided us with invaluable insights for where we could deploy electric trucks into the Jet2 operation, taking into account the real-world capabilities based on the specific payload and weather

Dave Rowland, Wincanton

Dynamon’s ZERO analytics tool has proved invaluable in providing high-value insights to ensure effective deployment of our MEV180 truck within the NHS.

Managing Director, Magtec

The tool helps with digesting copious data and turning it into meaningful and actionable insight. The result being optimisation in the strategy and design of a depot’s transition to electrification

Harry Baxter, Global Head of Product Line

This is the only solution looking at the whole picture, identifying the optimum vehicles and charging infrastructure as one. This is crucial for the adoption of electric vehicles.

Dave Rowlands, Wincanton

As fleets electrify, the transport industry faces cost, reliability, and technology challenges. ZERO provides fleet-specific insights to help identify the optimum EVs and charging infrastructure

Stefan von Dobschüetz, General Manager for bp pulse Europe

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