If you are a fleet decarbonisation consultant, save time and deliver unprecedented solutions with Dynamon's electrification software ZERO.

Using simulation, not intuition, and powered by algorithms, not spreadsheets, consultants can provide great data and insights, analyse complex fleets and model endless potential configurations of vehicles, costs and infrastructure. The result is you can provide unparalleled  solutions to your fleet clients. 

ZERO software is designed to be incredibly user friendly and save time, so that any business can use it. So, once it is up and running, you really shouldn’t need us at all. This is why it is used by consultants who want to help their clients move to electric vehicles.

In that respect Dynamon is at the heart of many fleets’ transition to zero emissions and many consultancy projects. We are incredibly excited to be involved, and proud of the results being achieved using ZERO. The various features within the platform help answer any questions and provide strategies for consultants and their clients.

We are here to help though, of course. At the start, we will help onboard data into the software for accurate analysis, and are always free to answer any questions about how to get the best out of ZERO at any time. 

We do this through pre-built data integrations and automated collection and cleansing, which reduces the amount of time and work consultants and fleets have to spend in the build-up phase. We can bring in data from multiple sources, allowing consultants to access reliable fleet data easily. 

Dynamon’s market-leading simulation tools help consultants win business by showing clients they can enact new strategies more quickly and effectively. Happy customers equal happy consultants, and usually more work.

ZERO isn’t limited to the initial phase when fleets contemplate switching to electric vehicles. Given the rapid evolution of the market, continual fleet optimization will be necessary for years to come. For consultants, this entails establishing a long-term partnership with fleets, and ZERO plays a crucial role in maintaining fleet efficiency both in the present and in the years ahead, be it five, ten, or even twenty years down the line.

That’s because super accurate real-world EV performance insights from powerful, advanced simulation algorithms provide consultants with a technological lead in the industry because, quite simply, they can offer a depth of insights, value and detail that sets them apart.

ZERO can be used by a single user if need be, and so consultants don’t have to bring in teams of experts to operate it either. The data and insights it offers provide credibility, confidence and certainty so that the often complex process of transitioning to electric can be made easier and clearer. 

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