The Dynamon Solution

How analytics can help

Optimising a fleet to minimise total cost of ownership is a complex challenge. Because of this, many transport companies make procurement decisions based on purchase price. However, significant cost savings can be achieved when the real-world performance of a vehicle or its components, such as tyres, are considered.

Often vehicle operators are required to pay more for vehicles or components that improve operational efficiency, but are unable to determine if reduced operational costs will pay back the higher purchase cost. At Dynamon we have a deep understanding of real-world vehicle efficiency and use data analytics to identify which solutions an individual fleet can invest in to significantly reduce costs and emissions. We can identify cost savings by analysing solutions in the following categories:

  • Tyre Performance

  • Weight Saving

  • Aerodynamics

  • Driver Performance and Vehicle Limiting

  • Vehicle Size

  • Hybrid & Electric

  • Engine Efficiency

  • Fuels and Lubricants

Fuel can be saved by either reducing the load on the engine or improving the efficiency of the engine. The load on the engine comes from the following key forces:

  • Aerodynamic Resistance
  • Acceleration Resistance
  • Tyre Rolling Resistance
  • Gradient Resistance

Since fleets of vehicles do different things, the above forces will differ between fleets. A fleet performing motorway driving will have greater Aerodynamic Resistance and Tyre Rolling Resistance, while a fleet performing stop-start urban driving will have greater Acceleration Resistance. Most fleets perform a varying combination of both high speed and stop-start driving. Therefore the solution to minimise operational cost and therefore total cost of ownership is unique to each fleet.


Suppliers of vehicles and components do not know the specific operation of each fleet. Therefore, they cannot identify whether their solution will work or what the likely cost saving and ROI will be. Due to uncertain cost saving and ROI, transport companies cannot invest properly in efficiency solutions, and therefore make purchasing decisions (e.g. tractor units, trailers, tyres) based only on price. Whilst this may save money in the short-term, it very often results in increased total cost of ownership, which is bad for logistics companies, bad for their customers, and bad for the environment.

Dynamon has developed an analytical software service that uses existing fleet telematics data to identify where efficiencies can be made.

Dynamon can also predict the likely fuel saving and ROI for a range of efficiency solutions, enabling logistics companies to choose the most effective solutions for their fleet.

Dynamon’s analytics are validated by real-world testing and many blue-chip fleets are acting on recommendations provided by Dynamon. Dynamon’s recommendations provide reliable ROI and lead to significant long-term cost savings for logistics companies and their customers.