Specialist Procurement Analytics

Empowering the logistics industry to reliably improve efficiency using big data analytics driven by independently sourced data.

aerodynamic analysis of trucks for fuel performance and efficiency

Aero Analytics

Aerodynamic drag accounts for up to 35% of fleet fuel costs. It is crucial that vehicle aerodynamics are optimised to minimise the cost and environmental impact of running a fleet.
Dynamon can demonstrate the real-world fleet specific fuel savings of any aerodynamics solution. If your fleet operates outside of towns and cities and you are not thinking about aerodynamics, you should be!

Weight Analytics

Dynamon’s weight analytics service helps logistics companies accurately quantify the cost saving opportunities of not lugging around unnecessary weight in the structures of their vehicles.
Quite often logistics companies purchase trailers designed for a wide range of applications and in many cases could invest in more lightweight solutions. Saving weight reduces vehicle fuel consumption during every second of every journey. It also reduces tyre wear.

weight analytics for fleet performance monitoring
tractor cab truck HVG haulage

Tractor Analytics

Tractor units are the most expensive and complex investments for logistics companies and Dynamon has developed a specialist data analytics service to help logistics companies purchase the optimum tractor units for their operation.
Different tractor units perform well in different conditions and our Tractor Analytics helps logistics companies understand the operational fuel performance of any tractor unit specific to their fleet operation enabling them to make purchasing decisions that minimise cost and environmental impact.