The Dynamon Team

Engineering is at the heart of the Dynamon team and our values. We strive to develop services that provide truthful and accurate insight to identify practical solutions that reduce waste in the logistics industry. 

Dr Angus Webb


Angus is the founder and CEO of Dynamon. Angus has a vision to vastly improve the efficiency of the logistics industry using big data analytics. Angus works with an incredibly talented team to realise this vision.
Angus also enjoys rock-climbing, trail running, and windsurfing, which are great ways to enjoy the UK, see the world, and meet new people.

Richard Farren


Rich manages the development and operation of Dynamon’s analytics products. He is responsible for developing our robust, scaleable platform to store and process data, as well as the secure and reliable user interface that allows customers to interact with our products and visualise results.
Rich enjoys nothing more than being on (or in) the sea! In his spare time he races a high performance trapeze skiff in Langstone Harbour and loves spending time on the beach with his kids and friends. He is also a qualified drone operator and loves to capture cinematic footage of the action & scenery.

Dr Chris Durrant


Chris manages the research, development, and experimental validation of big data analytics at Dynamon, developing accessible and rich data visualisations to communicate Dynamon’s pioneering scientific processes.
When Chris is not researching the latest scientific breakthroughs for Dynamon you can typically find him exploring the latest scientific breakthroughs for fun (“If you do what you love you will never work another day in your life”)… or riding as fast as possible on something board shaped.

Stephanie Obi

OFFICE Manager

Stephanie is responsible for ensuring routine and ad-hoc administrative tasks are completed reliably. With keen interest in management responsibilities, Stephanie is enthusiastic about performing tasks asides her office duties.
Stephanie is an ambivert who enjoys movies, travelling, fine cuisine, fashion and entertainment.

Josh Callaway


Josh supports the development of Dynamon’s web applications. Working across the full stack he really enjoys the challenge that comes with shaping the future of sustainable fleet procurement.With a passion for clean and maintainable code that drives his development. he looks forward to working on new and exciting features.
Josh is a family man who enjoys nothing more than spending quality time with his wife and daughter.Alongside spending quality time with the family Josh loves using his coding skills to work on passion projects. He is also a self-proclaimed terrible golfer, who plays of 10.

kajal Dhawley


Kajal works in the analytics team. Her major focus is to perform data analysis on big data and represent finding in a suitable manner. She enjoys coding and building applications.
Kajal always wants to try new things but her favourite thing to do is yoga. She also enjoys travelling and exploring places.

Cem Gokhan


Cem's main role in Dynamon is designing and developing the client facing platforms for products. He is responsible for delivering visualisations of the analytics results and making interfaces focusing on user experience and efficiency.
Cem enjoys travelling to explore cities and the countryside. He is also enthusiastic about a variety of sports including football and Formula 1.

Vivek Kulkarni


Vivek manages end-to-end ETL pipelines in AWS Environment. His main role is to identify Data Engineering related problems and write efficient, scalable solutions by leveraging state-of-the-art tools.
A street photographer at heart. Vivek loves to practice different kinds of photography and enjoys travelling on his bike.

Jacob Inbadoss


Jacob manages live client projects. He is responsible for guiding product development with the engineering team, customer data analysis, on-boarding new customers and taking the initiative to develop new product features and business processes.
Jacob is passionate about aircrafts. He also enjoys football and plays for a local cricket club.
David Watchus

David Watchus


David plays an active role in facilitating the achievement of operational objectives and identifying revenue streams. An entrepreneurial strategic lateral thinker who focuses on macro-level strategic decisions.
David holds a fascination with beautifully engineered watches and cars. His most exciting find to date is a watch created from a Norton Commando 850 motorcycle, finely crafted by Bremont, a specialist British watchmaker.
Non-Executive Director - Andrew Smith

Andrew Smith


An award winning procurement, supply chain and operations leader experienced in managing teams, departments and budgets worth over £600m pa whilst delivering outstanding results.
Background in managing procurement, supply chain and business transformation across a number of industries. International Director level experience across multiple areas.

Eduardo Minardi


An impressive background with over 28 years in top global exec roles, including Chairman and CEO of Bridgestone Tire Operations in the Americas, and Executive Chairman of Bridgestone EMEA.
More recently he founded Minardi Global Consulting, supporting companies that need to transform their businesses and mentoring top executives.

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