An Advanced AI tool for Smarter Zero-Emission Fleet Solutions


Identify Optimum Electric Vehicles

Fleets need to purchase electric vehicles (EVs) for their operations that are both feasible and cost effective. These factors are mostly impacted by EV battery size – EV batteries must be big enough to ensure EVs complete journeys without being too big they become overly expensive and impact vehicle payload.

Choosing the right EVs and battery sizes requires a detailed analysis of a fleet operation alongside accurate real-world EV performance data.

ZERO is an advanced AI tool that enables fleets to forecast the real-world performance of EVs for different battery sizes within specific operations.

By using ZERO fleets can identify the optimum EVs for their operations whilst minimising cost.

Identify Optimum Charging Infrastructure

To ensure a low cost feasible EV fleet, charging requirements and EV specifications must be considered together. The perfect solution reduces the need for large expensive EV batteries whilst minimising additional stop time for charging. 

ZERO enables fleets to analyse their historical telematics data to identify future EV charging requirements.

ZERO can forecast both depot and public charging, enabling fleets to identify the optimum solution for their specific operations. 

Predict Electricity Demand from Charging

Depot charging for EV fleets requires a significant quantity of electricity from a reliable supply. Fleets must understand electricity demand from EV charging to ensure there will be enough supply. 

ZERO enables fleets to analyse historical telematics data to forecast electricity demand from EV charging. Electricity demand can be predicted across times of day for all depot locations. 

ZERO provides fleets with the data to invest in the necessary electrical infrastructure to guarantee reliable EV charging. 

How It Works

Fleet Telematics Data

ZERO integrates with all popular fleet telematics providers. This means fleets can make informed EV purchasing decisions based on their specific operational data. 

ZERO uses advanced AI and data analytics to make accurate fleet specific EV performance and charging predictions. This is only possible by analysing detailed fleet telematics data.

Vehicle Performance Data

ZERO contains an extensive database of EV performance data obtained from Dynamon’s advanced EV testing. 

This revolutionary testing process precisely measures the performance of EVs for every possible driving scenario. This means ZERO can predict the performance of EVs as if they were driving real fleet journeys.

ZERO empowers fleets with accurate EV range predictions based on real journeys, payloads, vehicle configurations, and aftermarket auxiliary systems, such as tail lifts and refrigeration units.

EV Performance Testing

Dynamon has developed an advanced testing program to collect EV performance data for any driving scenario. Dynamon is testing a large range of EVs to enable fleets to identify the optimum EVs for their specific operations.  

Watch the video to see the ZERO EV testing in action!

Powerful Intuitive Results

View existing vehicle driving patterns

ZERO enables an intuitive visual understanding of fleet duty-cycles from telematics data.

Fleet duty-cycles describe length of journeys vehicles are driving and how long they spend in the depot. A fleet’s duty-cycles will dictate what EVs and charging infrastructure will be required. 

View battery size and charge power options

ZERO enables fleets to investigate different EVs, battery sizes, and charging infrastructure considerations on their specific fleet operation.

Data is intuitively presented enabling fleets to identify feasible solutions that best utilise EV battery capacity and charging infrastructure to minimise EV fleet costs.

View electricity demand across your depots

ZERO enables fleets to forecast electricity demand from EV charging based on their historical telematics data. 

Electricity demand data is presented for each depot location across times of day. Times of high and low electricity demand are clearly identifiable. 

Max demand, Average demand, and Typical Demand Range identify the seasonal variability in electricity demand. 

ZERO empowers fleets with the data to ensure their electricity supply will be sufficient for EV charging.


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