Dynamon’s software tools enables fleet managers and other key players in the transport industry to run their operations cost effectively by providing access to insights around new vehicle technology, including EVs.

HGV lorry in depot with large Magtec logo on front of modern building in background

Using Dynamon’s service, Magtec is gaining confidence in designing drive systems with right battery size for NHS Wales to warrant minimum disruption to its laundry service operation.

The challenge

Ten 18-ton electric trucks to be delivered to NHS Wales by Magtec had complex requirement than normal. The trucks cover three depots across the country to collect and distribute laundry. The right battery capacity would be needed to power the vehicles whilst still providing the necessary range to deliver on the operational requirements of NHS Wales. Getting the right battery chosen in the new model was important to minimise cost and vehicle weight, as well as reducing the chance of any extra downtime needed for top-up charging. In parallel with this, the NHS wanted insight on what charging infrastructure would need to be installed in each depot to keep their vehicles suitably electrified for operations.

The solution

Two key components of ZERO’s data analysis are:

  • Helping Magtec to choose right battery size and charge point specification.
  • Minimizing operation downtime post EV transition with optimal cost and payload

After integrating with NHS’s telematics data for 3 depots, Dynamon analysed 10 ICE vehicles with 340 days of operational data using its flagship tool ZERO. ZERO analysed a set of ‘what-if’ scenarios to produce an electrification factsheet highlighting financial benefits and operational reliability.

The Outcome

The output of Dynamon’s analysis identified a detail set of guidance on the battery sizes of the drive systems and the charging infrastructure installation. Andrew Gilligan, Magtec’s Managing Director comments:

Dynamon’s ZERO analytics tool has proved invaluable in providing high-value insights to ensure effective deployment of our MEV180 truck within the NHS.

Managing Director, Magtec

Dynamon will continue to be involved in the project by monitoring the vehicles and validate the simulated results with real-world outcomes.

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