Tyre Analytics works to reduce fleet TCO by identifying the costs and environmental impact associated with different tyre choices to ensure a more efficient fleet.

The only data analytics service for optimising tyre choice

Purchase tyres based on your TCO and reduce your total fleet running costs and emissions which can be validated by real-world trials.

In the video below, we show how you can save fuel from tyres.

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  • Predict the best tyres for vehicles

    Predict the best tyres for vehicles in a fleet to enable the best tyre purchasing choices or procurement choices.

  • Monitor tyres to keep track of savings

    Monitor tyres to keep track of savings and to make sure they are as expected.

  • Significant environmental benefits

    Significant environmental benefits from reduced Co2 emissions.

Tyre Analytics Features


Table showing reduction in Co2 and graph indicating fuel consumption

Tyre choices can impact 20% to 40% of vehicle fuel consumption which equates to 3-4 times the cost of the tyre.

  • Custom fleet profile unique to each fleet

    Using fleet specific telematics data, tyre analytics generates a custom fleet profile unique to each fleet. It quantifies the fleet specific,TCO of any tyre on any wheel position. This analysis includes tyre cost, fleet specific wear and damage rates, and fuel performance.

  • Dynamon’s terrain and weather data overlaid

    Fleet telematics data (including vehicle specifications) is overlaid with Dynamon’s own high resolution terrain data and weather data to make exact vehicle-by-vehicle configurations.

  • Independently verified rolling resistance data

    Fleets also access Dynamon’s independently verified tyre rolling resistance data.

  • Growing database of independently tested tyres

    Tyre Analytics utilises a growing database of independently tested tyres. Dynamon frequently conducts accredited EU1235/2011 tyre testing to ensure Tyre Analytics contains accurate data for the latest and most popular tyre choices.

The Benefits

Make informed purchasing decisions

Make purchasing decisions by demonstrating real-world TCO for different tyre choices using data analysed directly from a fleet providing information on co2 emissions and fuel costs.

HGV lorry travelling through winding roads through dense forest, aerial shot

Tyre Analytics provides useful insights that will enable us to run a more efficient fleet. As a result of this procurement analytics project, we have changed over to a different tyre manufacturer.

Carl Hanson, Procurement and Fleet Director

The path to empowering fleet

  1. Define Your Sustainability and Efficiency Goals

    It begins by understanding and defining your sustainability and efficiency objectives.

  2. Analyse Your Fleet Operations

    Our suite of tools uses routing and telematics data to run analysis on your fleet operation. Through this analysis, you have a clear understanding of the complexities of your operational settings.

  3. Explore Fleet-Specific Solutions

    Optimise your fleet with the right tool. Expert guidance, tailored solutions and data-driven recommendations to enhance sustainability and efficiency…Book a demo today.

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