Dynamon’s software tools enables fleet managers and other key players in the transport industry to run their operations cost effectively by providing access to insights around new vehicle technology, including EVs.

Wincanton-branded HGV lorry in depot with other fleet vehicles in background

Using Dynamon’s service, Wincanton has improved their purchasing decision making, reducing both fuel cost and emissions.

The challenge

Wincanton operates in an extremely competitive marketplace which demands low prices and actions to reduce environmental impact. Dave Rowlands, Wincanton’s Technical Services Director, explains that achieving these outcomes requires a more innovative approach to procurement:

Due to the complexity of our transport operation it is very difficult to clinically model the impact of various purchasing decisions on our operating costs and environmental impact. Therefore, we make purchasing decisions based on the strongest evidence to hand, which in the absence of any reliable empirical data can result in the lowest price, but not necessarily the best value.

Dave Rowlands, Wincanton

Recognising the capabilities of Dynamon’s data analytics, Wincanton tasked Dynamon to identify where cost savings and improved environmental impact can be achieved during procurement of tyres and aftermarket aerodynamic solutions.

The solution

Two key components of Dynamon’s data analysis service are:

  • Helping fleets purchase tyre policies that balance both tyre cost and fuel performance.
  • Identifying aerodynamics solutions that provide the best return on investment.

After integrating with Wincanton’s existing telematics platform, Dynamon analysed twelve months of historic vehicle data. From this, Dynamon’s algorithms then generated a further 700 million analysis data points per vehicle to produce a set of ‘what-if’ scenarios to identify exactly how much fuel could be saved from improved aerodynamics and tyre performance.

The Outcome

The output of Dynamon’s analysis identified a potential 7% fuel saving from improved tyre choice and 3% fuel saving from improved aerodynamic roof spoiler choice. Dave Rowlands:

The insight that Dynamon has produced is very impressive and demonstrates a wide range of opportunities to continuously improve, and drive down the cost of running a multifaceted logistics operation.

Dave Rowlands, Wincanton

With these fuel savings identified, Wincanton can now assess proposals from suppliers of tyres and aerodynamics products to ensure they achieve maximum return on investment, while minimizing their environmental impact.

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